The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville

Of the Five Objects of the Mothers’ Union the second objective is ‘To encourage parents in their role to develop the faith of their children/grandchildren’. When asked ‘Who influenced you most in your Christian Faith?’ most people reply that it was a family member rather than a youth or children’s leader.

For a great deal of each day our children are under the influence of other people – School or nursery teachers, television presenters, politicians etc – but we cannot expect others  to be responsible for them.  The responsibility is ours.  How are our children and young people to grow as disciples?

While Sunday School, Youth Club leaders and those leading school assemblies are important and need to be encouraged and supported, we hope and pray that the time honoured tradition of the next generation being formed in the family circle, can still be recovered and practised. 

If you share this vision for your children/grandchildren and would like to meet with other like minded parents/grandparents occasionally, please get in touch with Margaret Symonds 92 252 338, to see how this might be arranged.

Margaret Symonds

Christmas Edition 2011

Growing Faith