The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville

Vivienne was born in West London and grew up in Cranford near to Heathrow.

Above all she wanted to be a nurse like her mother. She started her nursing training at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital at Stanmore and gained her full qualification at the Hammersmith Hospital - she was very proud of that.

She met Peter in 1966 and they were married in 1968. Their three sons arrived at intervals and she caringly encouraged and guided them in their lives and, together with Peter, lent a guiding hand to her children from their birth through to adulthood ensuring that she will undoubtedly live on - both in words and deeds and in the phrases, approach to life and practical skills they continue to use, and which they will pass on in turn. She was always there to provide love, care and comfort to her children whenever they needed it, such as when there was a grazed knee or a bumped head: “there, there,” she would say.

Sadly, she will not be able to do that any more for her grandson, James.

Vivienne was always ready to support and show friendship to others, often perfect strangers. She also had a special feeling for children; working in schools for those with special needs and later in the Children’s Clinic at Epsom Hospital, as well as supporting children’s charities.

Among other things she will be remembered for her smile, even on her driving licence photo - she just couldn’t help it.

Vivienne was a beautiful, lovely lady. A caring, loving and much-loved special wife, mother, sister, grandmother and best friend.

She was as proud of her children as they were of her and the dignity and sheer courage with which she confronted her illness speaks volumes about her character. She is sadly missed and equally fondly remembered.

Vivienne was committed to St George’s, running stalls at the Summer Fete, cleaning the choir gallery, catering at the Music Festival, making oranges for the Christingle Service, and as Parish representative for the Children’s Society.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband Peter, her sons David, Tim and Alex, and her sister Tricia (Taylor).

Winter and Lent Edition 2015

Vivienne Wakefield 1946 - 2014