The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville

Film Club. Carousel. (December)

This is the story of Bill Bigelow, a ‘ne-er do well’ carousel barker, and Julie the girl who loves and marries him, against the advice of the ‘good and worthy’ of the town.

She is still in love, and still making excuses for him when she finds she is ‘expecting’, and Billy, now desperate for cash, is persuaded by a mate to attempt a robbery during the annual Clambake and Treasure Hunt. This they bungle badly and Billy is killed, but is allowed to return from ‘on high’ to attend (invisibly) his daughter’s graduation and to bring a little comfort to his faithful Julie.

This musical, now 58 years old, is full of dancing and beautiful songs. It was the last film of Waterlooville Film Club which has now closed due to lack of members.

French Evening

On Saturday 24th January a packed hall of 96 guests enjoyed a French Evening organised by Lynda Sheffield.

The hall was decked out in French regalia, and Menus written entirely in French announced a three course dinner expertly prepared by Chefs Mike Sheffield and Nigel Morgan.

Proceedings began with singing of the French National Anthem, and in between each course entertainment was provided, with can-can dancing, sketches and singing, all with a French theme.

A licensed bar ensured a reliable flow of French wine, and a raffle, drawn by guests Jean-Luc and Marie-Noelle raised 250 towards church funds.

Winter and Lent Edition 2015

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