The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville

Jim was born to Charles and Kathleen Jones in 1935 at Lambeth Hospital, which is within the sound of Bow Bells, and some would say that made him a cockney.

Jim’s father was in the R.A.F. and they lived in London before being posted to Norfolk. There were several more postings before the family settled in Westbourne near Jim’s Mother’s parents and this is where Jim grew up before joining the R.A.F. himself. Jim has a sister Brenda born ten years his junior and who lives in Devon.

Jim had just returned home from North Africa when Yvonne met him at an R.A.F. dance. They got married in 1964 and came to live in Waterlooville three years later where both Amanda and Graham were born.

Following his service within the R.A.F. Jim returned to his trade and was a carpenter for a few years. Then he became a driving instructor and examiner at Bordon Army Camp and also joined the T.A.

Whilst in the services Jim was quite the sportsman and played cricket, football, volley ball, archery and most important of all was his rally driving.

As a result of Jim’s service life, air shows became a big interest to him especially if the Vulcan was flying as he subscribed to the restoration programme and had visited it many times.

Trains were another hobby and Jim was to spend many hours on bridges waiting for a special steam train to come through.

Other interests were snooker, fishing, gardening and all other pastimes a man can share with his family. The children learned many things from their Father and carry that knowledge and affection to this day.

Jim’s funeral took place at St George’s on Tuesday 12th May.

Our sympathy and prayers go out to Yvonne, Amanda and Graham, Brenda  and the rest of their family.

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Jim Jones 1935-2015