The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville

One Sunday morning in Mid May

By coach, to Poole, we made our way.

We missed one ferry we were late

Because of traffic, had to wait,

The next one due at half past one

(At lunchtime ferries did not run).

Three quarters of an hour to wait,

Some search for coffee to partake,

Some finding a convenient seat

Decided would their picnic eat.

Then boarded all in single file

The ferry boat to Brownsea Isle.

Once there all went their separate way,

Some in the restaurant to stay

For cup of coffee or a snack,

(Those who a picnic did not pack!)

We walked a while then stopped to see

Red squirrels playing in a tree,

A privilege to watch them there

These lovely creatures now quite rare.

We saw a peacock and peahen,

Bought postcards in the shop, and then

Returning by another way

Admired the views across the bay.

A service in the Church, but this

I must confess I gave a miss.

Back at the jetty to arrive

To catch our ferry due at five.

Then safely home, without delay.

We’d had a really lovely day.

Janet Johnson

Festival 2015

Outing to Brownsea Island