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African Child Trust (ACT) is an organisation which supports orphaned children in Africa, mainly in Uganda, Tanzania and Burkina Faso.  These are children whose fathers have died and who, without some form of income to support their education, would have to remain at home as the breadwinner or guardian helper of younger children.  St George’s became involved with ACT as long ago as 2000 and since then have sponsored up to 4 children each year.  Roughly speaking it costs about 180 to support a child and this we do by making a regular subscription request each August.  Roughly it works out at about 16 per person and we currently have 45 faithful members who make these contributions each year.

We always remember the children’s birthdays with a card and we used to send a present. However as many of these seemed to go ‘missing in the post’ we now put aside 10 each birthday which we roll up into one payment as and when the child ceases full time education in the hope that this little nest egg will help kick start their progress into the wider world.

From time to time we receive letters of thanks from one of ‘our’ children and I have great pleasure in reprinting one of these below.

If anyone is interested in joining our list of supporters please speak to me.

“From Rehema Aswile, the Pentecostal Church, Moshi, Tanzania

Hello Tony Rice-Oxley

It’s my hope that you are all fine and do good in the work of God.

My side am very together with my family and all the members of my family; God Bless and taking care in all things and my studies.

Am very gratefully to receive your letter but it has reached me very late on 1st September 2010. But I am so glad that you still do remember me and my family. God bless you all. I too remember you very much in my prayer to God.

Am very happy for your plans and your support to help me. I agree in your support and it is good and God almighty bless you fully.  I thank God and I thank you for your prayer. Am doing very good in my studies and am now in form 3 and am taking science subjects having vision to become a great scientist in the world.

All with me here are greeting you. My mummy is welcoming you to come again to Tanzania once again. I love you all very much. Greeting to all at St George’s Church, Waterlooville.

Please tell Wendy Peane (Pearce) that I am very excited to know that we were born at the same date

My gift to you is this

EZEKIEL 7: 13-14. God Bless you all. Greet one another with a kiss of love

Peace to you all who are in Christ Jesus.

Your loving friend



We are none too sure how Rehema got to know Wendy Pearce’s birthday!!!

Tony Rice-Oxley.

Festival Edition 2011

The African Child Trust