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You may have already heard of us here at All Saints, Portsmouth, so this is just a reminder to everyone that we are here, or an introduction to us if you were not aware we existed.

All Saints Counselling Service operates at All Saints Centre, All Saints Church, Commercial Road, Portsmouth. All our professionally trained counsellors are Christians as well, but we are happy to counsel clients of all faiths or no faith at all. Our counselling is under pinned by our Christian faith, but we do not impose it on clients, although we are happy to explore it within the context of the counselling situation if the client wishes.

We are a voluntary organisation, and as such our counsellors do not get paid, but are offered remuneration for their expenses. Part of our ethos is to be available to all who wish to use our services and for the inability to pay not to be a barrier. To this end we invite clients to give a donation each session towards the service’s expenses so we can continue to offer this important resource, but the amount is left for each individual client to assess for themselves according to their own financial means. We are keen not to add to the worries and concerns clients already have. No donation is usually expected for the first assessment session where counsellor and client meet to decide whether they believe it would be a fruitful relationship.

Although our counselling rooms are at All Saints Centre, Portsea, we are available to clients within the whole Portsmouth diocese. We counsel people on many and varied subjects, but if we feel we are unable to be of assistance we will try to help find a suitable alternative. This will be discussed at the assessment meeting.

We have been recommended to people by GPs, incumbents, friends and past clients, but the first contact with us is usually made by the potential client themselves.

If anyone would like more information or would like to enquire into receiving counselling, please call us on 023 92 863087, leave a message, and one of us will return the call.

No one needs to be at rock bottom before they come to see us. Many of us have difficulties at times, some may only seem small and not worth ‘bothering’ with, or we may feel we ‘ought’ to be able to deal with them ourselves, but sometimes intervention at the right time can stop them becoming insurmountable. Whatever the reason for seeking counselling, all enquirers will be treated sensitively and with respect, and of course everything will be handled with the strictest confidence.

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All Saints Counselling Service