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The Bible Reading Fellowship has a varied selection of new titles, some of which I am pleased to suggest here.

The Challenge of Caring by Alexine Crawford. Explores in a series of Bible-based reflections aspects of caring and being cared for. Writing from the personal experience of caring for her mother, Alexine shows that despite the challenges, opportunities exist through these experiences for healing and spiritual growth.

ISBN978 1 84101 748 8 7.99

Prayer, Steps to a Deeper Relationship by Henry French. An introduction to going deeper in prayer, ranging from contemplation to ‘prayer on the run’. Each chapter is interspersed with practical exercises to ‘earth’ the point in hand.

ISBN 978 1 84101 861 4 6.99

Quiet Spaces: Bread for the Journey edited by Heather Fenton. Explores the theme of Jesus, the Bread of Life.

ISBN 978 1 84101 830 0 4.99

Facing the Darkness and Finding the Light (Reflections for troubled times from the Book of Revelation) by David Winter. A guide to a helpful and responsible reading of the book of Revelation from a popular communicator, David Winter. The messages of the book of Revelation were addressed to a people anxious about the future and fearful of worldly power. They speak with astonishing relevance to us, in days of anxiety, fear and apprehension. Their message is crystal clear; do not be afraid!

ISBN 978 1 84101 835 5 6.99

Come and See (Learning from the life of Peter) by Stephen Cottrell. Twenty-eight readings for growing Christians from the story of the apostle Peter. The book is designed to help readers develop a pattern fo Bible reading, reflection and prayer. Includes questions for personal response, which can also be used for group discussion.

ISBN 978 1 84101 843 0 6.99

On Easter Day in the Morning by Vicki Howie, illustrated by Honor Ayres. New title from a popular author. Delightful, full colour illustrations by well-known illustrator. Easy-to-read storyline. Ideal for shared reading or independent early readers. A sensitive handling of the Easter story for young children.

ISBN 978 1 84101 882 9 6.99

All suggestions taken from the Bible Reading Fellowship Publications Leaflet. View these books and more online at Telephone 01865 319700.

Lynn Winter

Festival Edition 2011

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