The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Two songs chosen from the Womens’ World Day of Prayer service from France were chants from the Taizé Community.  Whilst based in France, the community has an international outreach. Brother Roger, whose mother came from France, founded the Community in 1940. He settled in the small village of Taizé near the demarcation line dividing wartime France in two, bought a house and began to shelter refugees fleeing from the war.

Sadly Brother Roger died on 16 August 2005, at the age of 90, killed during the evening prayer. Since then, Brother Alois, whom Brother Roger chose as his successor, has been the Prior of the Community.

Today the Taizé Community is made up of over 100 brothers; Catholics and those from various Protestant backgrounds, coming from around thirty nations. By its very existence, the Community is a ‘parable of community’ that wants its life to be a sign of reconciliation between divided Christians and between separated peoples.

Hundreds of pilgrims flock to Taizé every year to spend time in prayer and worship with the Community, living simply and drawing strength from the spirituality of the brothers and the silence around which the worship is based.

The beautiful chants have become popular in our church worship in the UK, and at St George’s there are occasional evening services in the style of the Taizé worship.

material supplied by Pam Dinneen

Easter Edition 2013

The Taize Community