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Following the “International Gourmet Evening” (see page 14) lots of people asked about the Indian rice pudding so here is the recipe…

Indian Rice Pudding or Kheer

Time: 45 minutes – serves 12


Rice – 1cup (Basmati)

Milk – 2 litres (Full Cream)

Cardamom – 5-6 (Seeds ground in pestle and mortar)

Saffron strands – 1pinch (Soaked for 10mins in 1tbsp warm milk)

Raisins – cup

Almonds – cup

Sugar – cup (start with cup and increase if required)

Cream – cup (optional for GREATER tasting kheer/pudding)

Nutmeg – tsp grated fresh


Put the milk (less cup) in a heavy bottom pan bring to the boil, stirring often.

Blanch the almonds in boiling water for 2-3 minutes and peel them. Reserve for later.

Meanwhile wash rice, drain and microwave for 1 minute. Separate the grains and microwave further for a minute.

Spread out in a platter to cool, and then grind in a coffee grinder/processor till nicely done. Set aside. (This can be done days in advance).

Once milk comes to the boil, mix the ground rice into the remaining cold cup of milk.

Stir this into the boiling milk, giving it a good stir since rice tends to form lumps otherwise.

Add Cardamom powder and Saffron strands

Reduce heat to a simmer, add cream (yes, good idea!!), and allow to cook for about 45mins till rice gets cooked and the kheer/pudding thickens to a good consistency. Make sure the milk is stirred on and off to avoid it becoming lumpy.

Add the raisins, nutmeg and almonds (reserve a few almonds to slice for garnishing if desired).

Add the sugar, mix well, adjust for sweetness... remove and allow to cool.

Once it cools down a bit, transfer to a bowl (or individual bowls) to set. Garnish if desired.

Chill well (4-6 hours) before serving if eating cold.

Note: varieties of rice kind may have more starch than the other.

If you want it thicker (or if it doesn’t thicken enough) add a tsp of cornflour dissolved in 2 tbsp of cold milk once the rice is cooked.

Do remember though that the Kheer/pudding will continue to thicken as it cools once done.

Also if the kheer/pudding does appear lumpy after the rice is cooked, run the hand mixer/whisk through the kheer/pudding before the raisins and almonds are added.

Barry Haughton

Easter Edition 2013

Indian Kheer Pudding