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Following on from the selection of books featured in the winter issue, there is such a wealth of new books available at present, I have turned again to the latest catalogue from ‘A Great Read’ and have selected several titles that may be of interest.

New Testament Prayer for Everyone by Tom Wright.

A comprehensive collection of Tom Wright’s insights into the meaning and practice of prayer, drawing on his complete For Everyone series. Includes his translations of and meditations on all the major prayers recorded in the New Testament. There are many books about prayer, but this is the first by Tom Wright to cover all the key teachings and examples to be found in the New Testament. Ref 8687 (SPCK) 7.99

Archbishop Justin Welby, The Road to Canterbury by Andrew Atherstone.

Atherstone explores Welby’s life from his formative years, his education and eleven-year career in the oil industry to his ministry; his theology and world view - beginning with a concise examination of his writings and how they inform his thinking. Ref 9818 (DLT) 6.99

Slaying the Dragons, Destroying Myths in the History of Science and Faith by Allan Chapman.

In this lively and surprising study, Dr Chapman examines popular misunderstandings about key events in the history of science-faith relations. Revealing how these events have often acquired mythical and misleading status, he explores the facts that have been forgotten and the contemporary opinions that have been supplanted by modern propaganda. Slaying the Dragons is an important book that strips away layers of misunderstanding and misinterpretation and, in so doing, helps us to appreciate that science and religion are not the common enemies we think they are. Ref 9841 (LION) 7.99

A Hobbit Journey. Discovering the Enchantment of J.R.R.Tolkien’s Middle-earth by Matthew Dickenson.

With the recent film release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, attention has turned once again to J.R.R.Tolkien’s classic works. In a culture where truth is relative and morality is viewed as old-fashioned, we welcome the chance to view the world through hobbit eyes: we have free will, our choices matter and living a morally heroic life is possible.

In this engaging and thought-provoking book, this Tolkien expert shows how a Christian worldview and Christian themes under gird Tolkien’s Middle-earth writings and how they are fundamentally important to understanding his vision. Ref 9810 (BRAZOS) 9.99

C.S.Lewis vs The New Atheists by Peter S Williams.

How might C.S.Lewis, the greatest Christian apologist of the twentieth century respond to the twenty-first century ‘new atheism’ of Richard Dawkins et al? Might Lewis’s own journey from atheism to Christian belief illuminate and undercut the objections of the new atheists? Christian philosopher Peter S Williams takes us on an intellectual journey through Lewis’s conversion in conversation with today’s anti-theists. Ref 9804 (AUTHENTIC) 11.99

Avalon. The Return of King Arthur by Stephen Lawhead.

It is the late 21st century, and with the death of the unloved King Edward the Ninth, the British monarchy is ended. The political establishment is republican. The tradition of many centuries is over. But in Scotland, one young man, James Stuart, discovers the remarkable truth about his own origins. It is a truth, which has implications far beyond the ambitions of those in Westminster who would reshape the country and one which will revive an ancient struggle for the destiny of Britain. Ref 9835 (LION FICTION) 6.99

All suggestions taken from A Great Read March 2013. (over 500,000 titles available.) Telephone 08453 679676. Or I can order for you.

Lynn Winter

Easter Edition 2013

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