The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Following the tragic house fire in Haslar Crescent in which a gentleman died (this being the second serious fire there in the last 18 months), Peter May, who lives in Haslar Crescent has done some research into fire safety and has the following advice to pass on:

The majority of house fires start in the kitchen.

1. Fire Alarms should be fitted in the recommended positions.

2. Fire Alarm batteries should be replaced regularly.

3. At night, where possible, keep doors closed.

4. Keep a torch and mobile phone at the bedside.

5. Smokers should not smoke in bed.

6. Avoid the use of candles.

Electrical safety:

7. At night, switch off and unplug electrical appliances not in use.

8. House wiring should be periodically checked by a qualified electrician as recommended by the local electricity company.

9. Fuse wire type fuses should be replaced by recommended electrical circuit breakers.

10. Disabled persons can be given special advice if required, from the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. (Administrative and non-emergency telephone 023 8062 0000).

Peter May

Autumn Edition 2014

Safety in the Home