The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Mary Sumner Day Service
Saturday 9th August

Held annually the service took place this year at the beautiful St Philip’s Church, Cosham. Three members from St George's Branch attended. The Service was well attended and the address was given by our chaplain Canon Trevor Roper. At the end of the service we were each given a small knitted bag, made by the St Philip’s members. Each ‘Survival Pack’ contained an explanatory card and appropriate objects:

‘An eraser to rub out mistakes with one swipe, a candle to light the gloomiest night. Cash[5p] when you feel that your back’s to the wall, a marble to make sure you don’t lose them all. String to stop everything falling apart and a hug full of warmth that comes straight from the heart.’

Branch Meetings began again on Thursday 18th September . On October 16th Carol Gully will tell us about her work at the Rowan’s Hospice.

On Wednesday 22nd October the MU will be holding a Coffee Morning in the Hall in aid of the MU Wheels Appeal. Money raised helps the local MU Development Officers to get around their dioceses in order to aid the MU members with health and family issues and to assist them in running self help projects.

Margaret Symonds

Autumn Edition 2014

Mothers’ Union Notes