The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Christmas Edition 2014

Puzzle time

Iain Renfrew

Christmas Presents

Here is a logic problem to entertain you until Christmas arrives.  No guesswork is required.

A group of ten friends – five boys and five girls – decided to swap Christmas presents.  But to save money, each of them only had to buy a gift for one other person.  Every girl gave their present to a different boy, and received a present from that boy.

Use the clues below to determine who gave which present to whom, and what they received in return.

 Boys : Adam, Ben, Colin, David, Edward

 Girls : Amy, Bethany, Christine, Danielle, Emma

 Presents for boys : Book, Dartboard, Football, Umbrella, Watch

 Presents for girls : CD, Chocolates, Dress, DVD, Scarf

The boys are :  Edward; the one who gave a present to Bethany; the one who gave chocolates; the one who received a watch; and Adam.

The girls are :  Danielle; the one who received a present from Colin; the one who gave an umbrella; the one who received a dress; and Christine.

Christine had no trouble finding a suitable present for her soccer-mad friend.

No girl gave a present to a boy with the same initial as hers.

Amy did not give a present to either Edward or Ben.

The dress and the watch were not exchanged by the same people.

Neither Adam nor the boy that received a dartboard gave an item of clothing as his gift.

A football was given by the person who received the CD.

Danielle did not buy a dartboard to give as her present.


Cog-itate  :  Weights A and C will go up.  Weights B, D and E will go down.