023 9226 6005

Design Domains

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We can be contacted by telephone on
023 9226 6005 from Monday to Friday between 9.am. and 6.pm. If no-one is available to take your call there will be an answering service for you to leave a message. We will always contact you if you leave a telephone number. Please limit telephone contact to the hours noted above.

We need at least 24 hours notice when help is requested. The more notice you can give us the more likely we are to be able to meet your request. Although we will try to assist you, there may be times when we do not have any volunteers available.

If you phone our number, 023 9226 6005, you will speak to a Co-ordinator who will ask a few questions over the telephone to find out what help is requested and whether we are the best organisation to offer the help requested. The Co-ordinator then phones round the group members to see if anyone is available and willing to do the task. If there is someone, then the Co-ordinator makes the necessary arrangements, or puts the group member in touch with you, and the group member makes the necessary arrangements.

Contact us on:

023 9226 6005

between 9.am and 6.pm, Monday to Friday.