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Design Domains

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We are a small group, but would welcome anyone who would like to join us.  To join us you need to be on the telephone and should be fit enough to do the sort of things mentioned above.

People who join us can choose what they want to do and how much they do. For example, some of us like to have regular clients who we help weekly or fortnightly. Others do not want a regular commitment, and might say, for example, that they could help on occasional Friday mornings only. We allocate tasks according to the ability and skill of members, for example if you have difficulty with steps, we would not ask you to help people who have steps up to their front door.

Most of our members do not wish to take on a regular client, and so accept tasks that fit in with their other commitments. Our members might do half a dozen or a hundred tasks a year each.

To find out more, call us on 023 9226 6005.

My mother says that the doors were closed when she was finished and as the hospital is so huge would have panicked and not found her way out if it weren't for you! She says you all do a marvellous job and thanks you all as volunteers.