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General Meeting, Preston, June 2010

Mothers’ Union General Meeting and Eucharist Service this year was a truly exceptional occasion, with volunteers meeting and greeting from stations to venue. Mothers’ Union's new central chaplain the Rt Reverend Ken Clarke preached “Many waters cannot quench love” at the Wednesday evening service in Blackburn and took midday prayers at the General Meeting. Worldwide President Rosemary Kempsell gave an inspirational presentation on “walking in each others shoes” and the unit coordinator trustees an informative annual feedback presentation, which included Action & Outreach Trustee Sue Wilson announcing the good news that Mothers’ Union Literacy & Development Programme, Sudan has secured a 1 million grant from Comic Relief. This was all tied together by Reg Bailey (CEO) and his snakes and ladders theme, which although fun gave a great sense of understanding to the achievements of Mothers’ Union over the past year and the pitfalls of the recession and impact it has had on our organisation.

That all happened in the morning! The afternoon was full of celebration: Ten years of Parenting & Literacy, interviews and a delightful talk by Margaret Sentamu.

Comic Relief

Comic Relief has committed to supporting Mothers’ Union’s work in Sudan.

The grant, 998,994 over a five year period, will enable literacy and financial education training in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Sudan.

Mothers’ Union has over 15,000 members in Sudan who are active in their local communities, for example in HIV/AIDS projects, and campaign for women’s rights.

Summer Edition 2010

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