The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Scaffolding has now been erected so that work can take place to repair the tower roof. The scaffolding alone is costing 12,000. The roof timbers that need replacing cost 800 each. A major fund raising effort is now underway to raise the money for this urgent repair work, which is expected to cost around 50,000 in all.

The tower is the main project but other problems with the church building have also been identified, particularly the urgent need for maintenance to the flat roof at the back of the building, and work necessary to the gallery to make it fully compliant with the latest safety regulations. There are cracks in the floor that also need attention.

There will be street collections on Friday 13th August and Friday 10th December in the town centre. If you can help please contact David Hodgens. To make a donation towards the repair work please speak to the Churchwardens, Richard Spurgeon or Dick Handy. You can also donate by credit card at our website,

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