The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


St George’s Parish outing day

Left from the service, straight away

Of early finish had great need

(No sermon and we missed the Creed!)

No time for coffee, just the loo

So many - that we formed a queue!

Our Vision Travel coach parked where

Our Jane with clipboard standing there

Efficiently, and in good time

Accounted for our 49.

With driver Jason’s navigation

To London, and our destination

Westminster Abbey, thence we came

To meet another (Canon) Jane.

In quiet garden, where on seat

Or grass, a picnic meal to eat.

(But some of us, we couldn’t wait,

And on the coach our lunches ate!)

Then tour and choral Evensong,

Familiar sermon, not too long!

A lightning visit to the shop,

We really hadn’t time to stop.

With postcards bought, and roll-call made

Found no one yet had been mislaid!

Instructions numerous and clear

On written sheet allayed all fear -

If any pilgrim went astray

They could, with ease, re-find their way.

In snaking line ’cross roads were borne

Past Protest Camp set out on lawn,

Through tourist throng, past vendor stall,

In winding crocodile we all

Re-congregated, fairly near

At River Thames, Westminster Pier,

Where safely “counted on” by Jane

Found, with relief, were numbered same.

The trip, by boat, with commentary

Three quarters of an hour, and very

Pleasantly spent, to Greenwich, we

Had time to wander happily

To park or pub for welcome drink

And some to shop or eat I think.

Called Jason on his mobile phone,

Boarded our coach, set off for home.

A “comfort stop” required quite near.

Could it have been excess of beer!

Back home again just after nine.

Agreed we’d had a lovely time.

Our thanks now due to everyone

Who made our Parish Trip such fun!

Janet Johnson

Summer Edition 2010

Parish Outing to Westminster Abbey

Illustration by Martin Lloyd

Illustration by Wendy Lloyd