The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Did you know that most members of our congregation can be contacted by email using their St George’s News email address? The address is in the following format:

Where there are two people with the same initial and surname (usually in the same family), the senior party will have the email address in the above format, and for the others just use the full Christian name instead of the initial.

If you do not have a St George’s News email address, then please ask for one. Just email: ... by joining, you get added to a mailing list and will receive important messages from the clergy and churchwardens - (the mailing list is optional and you can unsubscribe from it if you want to.)

Not sure if you have a St George’s News email address? Send yourself a message using the standard format and see if you receive it!

The system works by redirecting messages to your normal email address - so if this changes, please let us know (email to so that the records can be updated.

Another recent innovation on our website are the St George’s News message board forums. Use these to post news and announcements, messages for specific church groups, feedback on the website, general chat, or for prayers. If you make announcements here they will be picked up and added to the Parish Calendar, both on the website and in the printed magazine.

Finally, take a visit to the Photogallery on the website.... As well as recent photos, there is a video clip of the Lloyd family performing “So Long, Farewell” - well worth a look! -

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