The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Lent is always a difficult season to keep. People who don’t belong to Church are looking forward to spring, planning their holidays and starting to sort out their gardens for summer. In Church, however, we’re trying to live a more sombre life and recall our Lord’s time in the wilderness. There often is a conflict here, especially if some of your family and friends are not Church members.  

For Lent this year, you’re not being asked to sign up for study groups, which often takes time away from your home or work commitments. Instead you’re invited to join with the whole Church family and read through St. John’s Gospel. Beginning on Ash Wednesday there is a short passage to read each day, which you can do at home, at school, at work or in Church. Throughout Lent the Gospel readings on Sundays and Wednesdays, together with Lunchtime Prayer on Fridays, will be from John’s Gospel. The references for the passages follow on pages 4 and 5 and are also in the Lent, Holy Week and Easter brochure; if you miss a day, you can always catch up later in the week. They’re from the Jerusalem Bible, but of course you can use whatever version you prefer. The brochure also gives details of all the services during Lent, Holy Week and Easter at St. George’s Church. It’s available from the back of the Church and also here.

Fr Mike Sheffield

Winter Edition 2012

From the Parish Priest