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Happy New Year to you all! Hope you received lots of books for Christmas. (I am now the proud owner of a copy of Downton Abbey - hooray!)

With Lent in mind (Ash Wednesday is on 22nd February) I have picked out a few books from the Bible Reading Fellowship website (

Into Your Hands, Encountering the touch of God by Kevin Scully.

‘This book points to the way God has given us life in his created order and new life in Jesus. It also reminds us that there is a practical working out of our faith.’ Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York.

What does it mean to say that God is at work in the world today? ‘Into Your Hands’ explores this key issue of the Christian Life: how the hand of God can interact with the actions of human beings, who are themselves acting as ‘God’s hands’ as they go about their daily lives.

Beginning with the act of creation and moving on to reflect on the person and work of Jesus, this book considers how God - Father, Son, Spirit - has worked and continues to work to shape the events of human history. In a concluding section focusing on the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we see his broken hands, outstretched to bring healing and salvation, as the mystery of redemption unfolds.

Each chapter concludes with questions for discussion or individual reflection, meditative exercises and a prayer.

ISBN 9781841015873 5.99

The Road to Emmaus, Companions for the journey through life by Helen Julian CSF

‘In this book, Helen Julian provides seven companions from the past to shed light and encouragement on the way’ Woman Alive

In this revised edition of the best-selling 2006 Lent Book, The Road to Emmaus, popular author, Sister Helen Julian CSF offers insights into the lives of the six figures in English spirituality, looking at their historical context and the themes unique to their writing.

This book covers Julian of Norwich, John Donne, Aelred of Rievaulx, The Venerable Bede, Thomas Traherne, John and Charles Wesley and the anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing.

Through the intervening centuries, their words still speak to us, illuminating truths, enriching our faith and affirming us in our own walk with God. With links to relevant Bible passages, Helen Julian suggests imaginative exercises for groups and individuals to put into practice what has been learned.

ISBN 9781841016016 7.99

Meet Jesus, a call to adventure by John Twisleton.

‘John Twisleton combines clarity of thought and a pastoral heart in this book which lives up to its name. Based on his own experience and conviction that it is both possible and life changing to meet with Jesus, it will be of great use to individuals or to folk gathered in small groups.’ Bishop Lindsay Urwin OGS

To engage with Jesus expands the mind and heart. It challenges our view of the way the world is, where it is heading and what difference we could make to it. But in a world full of competing philosophies, where does Jesus fit in? How far can we trust the Bible and the Church? What difference does Jesus make to our lives and our communities? Is Jesus really the be all and end all?
Meet Jesus is a lively and straightforward exploration of these and other questions, with the aim of engaging our reason, inspiring our faith and worship, deepening our fellowship and service, and bringing new depth to our witness to the world. Each chapter ends with some practical points for action and the book concludes with a section of discussion material for groups.

ISBN 9781841018959 7.99

Books available directly from Bible Reading Fellowship Online Shop or through the Church Bookstall.

Lynn Winter

Winter Edition 2012

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