The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


At the suggestion of Audrey Mentor some of the MU members have used their leisure time, when watching TV, to knit colourful six inch squares.  From these, another member, Sue Andrews, has constructed warm and attractive small blankets, big enough to cover knees and legs.  So far we have provided about twenty such blankets for the Woodlands Rest Home, where our centenarian, Ruby resides.  If you have any balls of wool, large or small, and/or would like to join the knitters, please get in touch with Margaret 9225 2338, or leave wool at the back of the church.

If you happen to know of someone who would appreciate one of the blankets please let us know and we can arrange delivery.

We also knit Teddies for small visitors to Kingston Prison, Portsmouth and for the little children arriving at the Havant Women’s Refuge.

Winter Edition 2012

Mothers’ Union Knitters