The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


In St John’s Gospel Jesus uses a number of analogies to describe himself. These are often referred to as the “I am” sayings as each begins with those two words. During Lent this year you are invited to think about these sayings. Each Sunday the Gospel reading will include one of the “I am” sayings, the sermon will discuss what Jesus meant by that saying and you’ll be able to take away some questions to think about through the following week. You may want to talk about the theme with your family or your friends although there won’t be any formal discussion groups arranged by the Church. These are the sayings to be studied:

Winter Edition 2013

From the Parish Priest

If you would like a written copy of the sermon, please ask the clergy. Alternatively, the sermon and the questions will be available to read and print out on the website, click here

Full details of all the services during Lent, Holy Week and Easter are published in the special leaflet available from the back of Church.

Lent is a special time in the Church year, when we think especially about Our Lord spending time being tempted in the desert. For us it’s an opportunity to examine ourselves, to think about our faith and to look ahead to the great celebration of Easter. Easter Day is the one day in the year when if you are a Christian you must come to Church. Services at St George’s Church will follow the usual pattern: Said Eucharist, Procession and Parish Eucharist, Festival Evensong and Devotions

Fr Mike Sheffield