The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


40 Days of Justice

The Appeal for 2013 has been entitled ‘40 Days of Justice’ and will help the Diocese to focus both on raising money and changing our lifestyles to help the needy at home and abroad.  Half of the money raised by the Lent Appeal will go to projects to help the homeless in south-east Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The other half will help those affected by climate change in Uganda via the Church of England’s Climate Fund.

In Uganda, climate change is hitting its poorest people the hardest. Higher temperatures and torrential rain mean that more than a quarter of the population can’t access enough food. The changing climate also means that traditional crops aren’t suitable any longer, leaving families in dire circumstances.  The money we give will go towards helping communities understand the risks they face, conserving increasingly scarce water supplies, teaching new ways to farm and introducing high-yielding crops better suited to the changing environment.

Farmers such as Paul Emulu have already benefited from such help – after his church taught him to raise seedlings more adaptable to the environment, he was able to grow more than 5,000 plants. He sold each one, making enough money to be able to open a small shop; He is now self-sufficient and able to support his family.

The other half of the money raised by the Appeal will go to various projects such as Two Saints, which offers advice and services to help homeless people in Fareham and Gosport turn their lives around. This includes a homeless hostel, a substance misuse hostel, an advice centre and supported lodgings. In the Isle of Wight, Fellowship House, the new hostel built by the Salvation Army in Ryde, provides training and advice in helping clients with their self-esteem and living independently.

The Bishop’s Lent Appeal will run at St George’s during the last 3 weeks of March.

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Bishop’s Lent Appeal