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Typing this in early January, it does not seem possible that we will soon be approaching Lent again. However, this is very much the case and so here is a selection of new titles for Lent and Easter.

Lent is for Loving (A Lent Course about Love) by Sheila Cassidy.

What is the point about Lent? If prayer and reading and self denial are worth doing at this time of year, perhaps we should be doing them all the year round! Christianity is not a blueprint for repression but for joy: for a life of fulfilment beyond our wildest dreams. Jesus said ‘I come that you might have life and have it to the full’.

In short chapters suitable for individual reading or group study, and questions for meditation and reflection, Sheila Cassidy considers the word Lent as an acronym for what it really means to be Christian today. L is for Love, E is for Empathy, N is quite simply for No! T is for Thank you God.

Ref. 9016. (DLT) 4.99

When you Pray by Joanna Collicutt

Joanna Collicutt shows how growing as a Christian is rooted in the prayer Jesus gave us. As we pray the Lord’s Prayer we express our relationship with God, absorb gospel values and are also motivated to live them out. As we pray to the Father, in union with the Son; through the power of the Spirit, so we begin to take on the character of Christ. The Holy Week readings encourage us to pause, watch and wait at this special season; commentary is kept to a minimum and we spend time reflecting in the light of the Lord’s Prayer on Luke’s description of Christ’s passion and resurrection.

Ref. 9017. (BRF) 6.99

Love Life Live Lent: Be the Change! by Paula Gooder and Peter Babington

Love Life Live Lent offers 40 simple choices and actions for each day of Lent to make the world a better place. Each action is accompanied by a Bible verse and a short reflection.

Adult and Youth Edition ref. 9009 2.69

Children’s Edition ref. 9010 1.50

The Resurrection of Peace by Mary C Grey

Following the pattern of a journey from Galilee to Jerusalem, Mary Grey’s new book offers biblical inspiration for the search for peace and reconciliation in Israel / Palestine. Along the way, the author explores core Christian concepts of redemption, atonement and resurrection, pursuing a spirituality of perseverance and steadfastness (sumud) derived from Middle Eastern Christians.

Full of real-life stories of people living through conflict in well-known Holy Land locations, and with helpful discussion questions at the end of each chapter, The Resurrection of Peace is sure to stimulate both thought and action during Lent and Easter, and beyond.

Ref. 9006 (SPCK) 6.99

Uncovering Sin by Rosy Fairhurst

This approachable Lent course invites us to view sin as something to be understood rather than condemned. It argues that our darker traits must be coaxed into the light in order to head towards healing and renewal.

‘This is an insightful book, a loving and honest account of being human in which judgement teaches us the joy of our being wrong, and acceptance and forgiveness will lead us through Lent to stand tall at Easter.’ Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury.

Ref. 9056 (SPCK) 7.99

Abiding by Ben Quash (The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2013).

‘Abiding’ is a concept central to the Christian Life. The word has the sense of full personal commitment; a quality of solidarity that ‘waiting’ just cannot convey. It speaks of the centrality of order, consistency and continuity in the Christian tradition; of God’s commitment to us and ours to our communities. On the other hand, the kind of ‘abiding’ that Jesus calls his followers to is one of relinquishment, openness and change - living a life out of one’s own control so as to ‘abide’ in Him.

Drawing on the wisdom and imagery of modern fiction, film and art, as well as examples of key figures in the classical Christian tradition, Quash explores the implications that ‘abiding’ has for us.

Ref. 8541 (A & C BLACK) 7.99

All suggestions taken from ‘A Great Read’ January 2013.

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Wishing you all a meaningful Lent and joyous Easter.

Lynn Winter

Winter Edition 2013

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