The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Today you’ve heard a lot of things

About our Timon Singh

But these four years, we’ll all admit

To memories we cling

Now Timon came from Oxford

Renowned for lack of beach

So Mike took Timon to the sea

With several skills to teach

The first - explore the Diocese

And get the size just right

So chomping on their ice-creams, they

Perused the Isle of Wight

And then a few weeks later

We went to Stansted Park

A music concert entertained

It really was a lark

Now Noreen wasn’t on the scene

So Timon came alone

With food galore - his cooking skills

To everyone he’d shown

The Singhs have often entertained

To them, it’s no big deal

If Chinese, Spanish, Indian

You’ll get a brilliant meal

Now what of Timon’s sporting skills

I cannot tell a fib

He’ll sit with David Palmer and

For hours they’ll play crib

And when it got to Christmas

With George’s Men, such fun

So off went Timon with his balls

The skittles match he won

But what of Noreen all this time

To Tweenies she did go

She ate and talked and drank and talked

The chat was never slow

And several times she showed us how

Her saris we could wear

A brilliant Indian evening

A great delight to share

Now here’s another highlight

Within the past four years

To Walsingham a group did go

Brought laughter and brought tears

Autumn Edition 2012

Ode to the Singh family

For Timon had a drop of wine

The alcohol did flow

What happened next? My lips are sealed

You’ll never ever know!

Let’s quickly turn to Rachel

With beautiful long hair

So why on earth she started work

At wretched Santander

Thank goodness she has seen the light

To India she went

When she returns, we wish her well

And hope her time’s well-spent

Now Tabitha’s a clever girl

She sings and she can dance

The evening here at Bollywood

Just kept us in a trance

In June the Queen did celebrate

Her diamond Jubilee

And ‘Sixty words of love’ we heard

That beautiful CD

Now lastly Ben a lovely guy

He’s very fond of sport

He knows his stuff where that’s concerned

His knowledge isn’t short

Let’s not forget his annual task

In Advent candlelight

He’ll take control of all the lights

His timing is just right

I need to stop, but not before

I say what we all feel

We’ll miss the whole Singh family

Our loss is very real

We wish you well, as you move on

There’s nothing left to say

You leave with all God’s love, and ours

As you go on your way.

Lynda Sheffield