The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Patricia was born in Ryde on the 18th August, 1928, the only child of Elsie and William Agate. She attended primary school in Ryde, and passed the exam to go to Newport Grammar School. On leaving school with matriculation, Pat started work at the Inland Revenue. She then moved to the Ministry of National Insurance, Vectis shipping, and British Rail.

Pat was a Ranger Guide and met Len in 1951 at one of the joint ranger/rover events, the rovers being the male equivalent of the ranger guides in the scouting movement. Len and Pat got engaged in October, 1952 and were married on 1st May, 1954.

Pat changed jobs again, working at the Ministry of Labour, and then working part time as a school secretary, leaving work in 1958 following the death of her father to support her mother.

In June 1959 Pat and Len were blessed with a son David, followed in September 1961 with a daughter Rosemary.

Following Len’s promotion the family moved to Birch Close, Cowplain in May, 1963 which remains the family home. Once both David and Rose had started school, Pat worked as a dinner lady at Cowplain Infant School. She also worked part-time at a local estate agents until she retired in 1988.

Pat supported Len in his role as District Secretary for the Waterlooville District Scouts by typing up the minutes. She also typed up the magazine for  St Wilfrid’s which was the church the family attended.

Pat was persuaded to take up bowls by Len at Waterlooville Bowling club, and really enjoyed playing the game. She participated in many of the friendly matches, and regularly went away with Len on the many bowls tours that were arranged.

Throughout her life, Pat enjoyed knitting, and latterly knitted squares which would eventually be sewn up into a blanket by friends at St George’s church where she worshipped with Len and David and his family from 2004.

Pat cared for her mother who lived with her and Len in a granny flat adjoining the family bungalow from 1977, until her death in June 1989.

In December 1988, Pat was blessed with her first grandchild Martin, and subsequently with three other grandchildren, Rachel born in May 1990, Peter born in September 1992, and Daniel born in May 2000.

Throughout her life, Pat’s health had been good, with only the odd sniffle here and there. Around 2004 Pat was diagnosed with dementia, and struggled with her health. This became too much of a strain for Len to help Pat with her difficulties, and in 2010, after doctor’s recommendations, she moved to Bayith care home where she received the care and support she needed. Although she was separated from Len, Pat quickly settled into the rest home.  Len visited her regularly, and they would often have lunch together at the home.

In the last three months, Pat’s health deteriorated further and sadly she died on 29th August, 2012. May she rest in peace, and rise in glory.

Autumn Edition 2012

Pat Palmer, 1928-2012