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Here is a selection of choices taken from the Bible Reading Fellowship Summer 2012 Leaflet and their latest Prayer and Spirituality Leaflet.

Jesus Name Above all Names by Anne Le Tissier.

Often straightforward, devotionally based Bible study material on 32 names and titles ascribed to Jesus in scripture. From ‘Advocate’ to ‘Word of God’, the studies consider what you can learn about who Jesus is and what he has done for you from these different names and titles. The material includes extended reflection on the theme, questions for response, prayers and suggestions for further Bible reading. Prepared from articles originally published in ‘Woman Alive’ magazine.

ISBN 978 0 85746 085 1 - 8.99

Walking With Gospel Women by Fiona Stratta.

Twenty-five reflective monologues drawing on the voices and stories of women who appear in the Gospel narratives, includes linked group discussion material (which could also be used by individuals) based on the relevant Bible passages. An introduction explains how to use the book, including how to facilitate group use. The book’s approach is inspired by Ignatian spirituality: imaginatively putting yourself in the context of a particular story (especially one which may be very familiar) in order to draw out fresh lessons for today.

ISBN 978 0 85746 010 3 7.99

Poetry Emotion by Stewart Henderson. Fifty original poems to spark an imaginative approach to topical values.

A multi-purpose collection of 50 original poems addressing social and emotional values. The resource is ideal for RE and Collective Worship at KS2. The poems are organised under 15 categories: Whose world?; Who am I?; Who is my neighbour?; What’s so special about the Bible?; It’s not fair!; Getting on and falling out; Going for goals; New beginnings; Saying no to bullying; Good to be me; Changes; Self awareness; Managing feelings and Motivation and Social skills. Each values-based category offers a choice of up to four poems.

ISBN 978 1 84101 893 5 6.99

The Circle of Love, Praying with Rublev’s Icon of the Trinity by Ann Persson.

Beginning with her own experience of gazing at Rublev’s icon during convalescence from surgery, Ann Persson shares her journey of discovery through some of the historic and artistic traditions of icon-painting, including a midwinter pilgrimage to the Russian monastery for which Rublev’s icon was originally commissioned.

ISBN 978 1 84101 750 1 5.99

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