The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


The maintenance company has given up on keeping our six year old photocopier running, and arrangements are now in hand for it to be replaced with a new one. Colour has now become pretty well standard, so the new machine will be able to print in colour as well as black and white. However, colour printing is much more expensive per copy, and so a more rigorous system of control and monitoring is to be introduced to ensure the church is remunerated for use of the copier where appropriate.

So any church groups or organisations who will wish to have access to the new photocopier can apply for an account and will be invoiced quarterly for their photocopier use. Each individual they authorise to use the photocopier on their behalf will have their own unique PIN access code.

Any members of the church (if on the electoral roll) may have personal use of the photocopier at advantageous rates. You will need to apply for your own personal PIN access code.

Registration is now open at

We expect the new machine to be in situ before the end of the year. Hopefully the Christmas issue of St George’s News will be printed on it. Although the magazine has no immediate plans for colour, if we can recruit some advertisers to pay for colour advertisements, we may be able to afford some colour pages in the future.

Autumn Edition 2012

Church Photocopier