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Lent and Easter 2021 issue

Golden Treasury

No Poet

I know I’m no poet

but once I said, Blow it!

I’m going to give it a try.

so I went to my den

to look for a pen.

That’s when I said, Blow it!, Again

Then early next morning

I woke without warning

and thought, What a great guy am I.

I’ve rhymes in my head

so I jumped out of bed.

That’s when I said, Blow it!, Again

Right after I’d eaten

I thought, I’m not beaten,

I’ll go to the shop for a pen.

But when I go there

The shelves were all bare.

That’s when I said, Blow it, Again

Well then I thought, Blow it!

I won’t be a poet,

I’ll be a top author instead.

So I went to my den,

To look for  a pen.

That’s when I said, Blow it!, Again

Gerry Shimbart

Faries of the Night

If you have a garden

You should look out there at night

And see the dainty fairies

No violence in sight.

They dance round the flowers,

They dance around the moon,.

If you listen closely,

Hear the humming of their tune.

So if you’re in your bed

And have a dream that’s full of fright.

You could calmly read this poem called:

The fairies of the night.

Gemma Valerie Tebbutt when age 12

An Ode to Narrow Boating

I sit in our boat in the front – sorry; bow

And the world drifts lazily by.

I paint roses and castles on things

While I ponder on how, where and why.

He sits on our boat at the back – sorry; stern

Steering a course with the tiller.

He plans his maintenance jobs

Like what hole he can fill with some filler.

As we potter along on the water – sorry; river

We live life at a different pace

People run past on the towpath

There’s no way we could win such a race.

At night by the towpath we park – sorry; moor

And we close all the curtains and sing

As we sit by the pot belllied stove

We wouldn’t exchange with a king.

Jane Rice-Oxley

As a ‘taster’ to the publication of the new St George’s Poem Book, 6th EditionLife under lockdown — (which is now available for sale, price £5), we are running a series of extracts from previous Poem Books.

To secure your copy of the new Poem Book contact: j.rice-oxley@stgeorges.church


Down sunlit slopes of snow I slide,

A zigzag slither side to side,

And watch the others as they glide.

I wonder how they do it.

The instructor’s words I always hear,

Making sure I stand so near,

I’m almost sitting in his ear.

You’d think that I could do it.

And as we waddle to and fro,

And down the nursery slopes we go,

It’s me that crashes in the snow.

How do the others do it?

Then suddenly it comes to me,

This is the way you learn to ski.

The knack if it, like ABC.

I know just how to do it!

And from that day down mountains ski.

That small red speck is really me.

I fly like wind, so wild and free.

You betcha I can do it.

And now the others look to me,

As dignified and calm I ski.

And watch their falls with open glee.

They wonder how I do it.

And finally on the last day

We pack our skis and go our way.

There’s only one thing left to say.

I always knew I’d do it!

Janet Johnson

Dews of Quietness

“Drop thy still dews of quietness

Till all our strivings cease

Take from our souls the strain and stress

And let our ordered lives confess

The beauty of thy peace.”

How often have we sung those words

Without a second thought?

So stop a while and think about

The things that Jesus taught

When do we hear the quietness

Within our daily life?

Somehow it’s filled with loads of stuff

That seems to cause us strife

We know that Jesus left his friends

And wandered off to pray

But do we do the same as him

Take time out every day?

I fill my time with lists of things

Then love to cross them out

I’ll sit and pray tomorrow, yes

I’ll do it – there’s no doubt

Tomorrow comes – another day

Of other things to do

And so you’ve guessed, I haven’t stopped

My prayer time’s overdue

There’s nothing wrong with daily plans

Or ‘ordered lives confess’

I think I’ll put it on my list

My time to reassess

Let’s listen to the stars at night

And flowers on the lawn

Or forests full of leaves and twigs

And rainbows that adorn

God shows us ways to ‘drop’ the stress

- Anxieties release

Let’s find some time each day to hear

The beauty of his peace.

Lynda Sheffield