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Christmas  2022 & New Year issue

Horndean Amateur Theatre Pantomime

Robyn Hood and her Merry Gang -
St George’s Church Hall,
7th, 9th, 10th December

Act 1

The Sheriff in his cosy lair,

Sir Guy of Gosport summoned there

To do his bidding. Thought he could

Extort more taxes from the good

And honest people living there,

Oppressed. For these he had no care.

Sir Guy set out with ponderous speed,

Though unsuccessful in his deed

Espied a maiden, comely, fair,

Of figure fine, with flaxen hair,

Named Marian: took her instead,

To have his wicked way in bed.

(In that, of course, he wasted time.

You can’t do that in Pantomime!)

Good Robyn should have been a boy,

Her Mother, Nancy, wondered why

She upped and left and off she went

To Foreign Lands. (But time well spent:

Perfected skill in archery.

It came in useful as you’ll see.)

Act 2

For daring Robyn swore she’d save

Maid Marian, and being brave,

Perhaps foolhardy, who can say

Most confidently, anyway

Challenged the Sheriff to a show

Of expertise, each with the bow.

With “Bullseyes” three she should have won.

However, with the “help” of Mum

And Merry Men, her cover blown,

Arrested, into prison thrown.

But soon escaped from dungeon dire,

With her comedic repertoire.

Gang member, Will, the rest advised

Of cunning plan he had devised.

Intent on saving maiden fair

Should beard the Sheriff in his lair.

(I’m not too sure this bold endeavour

Was really quite so very clever.)

On final twist the plot depending,

To bring about a happy ending,

King Richard there unmasked as Will,

With miscreants did swiftly deal.

The maiden saved, the people freed,

What more could any story need!

Thus ended here our Pantomime

And also my Review in Rhyme.

Janet Johnson