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If you are thinking of coming to a church service and want to know more about us, please click here

Arrange Baptisms & Weddings

Register - Holy Baptism

Register - Confirmation

Register - Holy Marriage

Register - Christian Funerals

Register - Archive prior to 2010


Baptisms confirmation marriage funerals register archive graveyard records birthdays

Baptisms confirmation marriage funerals register archive graveyard records birthdays
Baptisms confirmation marriage funerals register archive graveyard records birthdays
Baptisms confirmation marriage funerals register archive graveyard records birthdays
Baptisms confirmation marriage funerals register archive graveyard records birthdays
Baptisms confirmation marriage funerals register archive graveyard records birthdays
Baptisms confirmation marriage funerals register archive graveyard records birthdays

Parish Office

To book Baptisms (Christenings) or to arrange for Marriage Banns to be called, please contact the Parish Office - email: parish.office@stgeorges.church. Telephone 023 9225 8079. [The Office hours are Tuesday or Thursday mornings]. It will save time if you complete the application form below and bring it with you. Application for Marriage Banns can be posted back to us or emailed. See paragraph below - “Application for Wedding - Calling Banns of Marriage” and read the Information Sheet.

For more information about Adult Baptism please click here. For information about Christenings for Children (Baptism) please click here.

Baptisms are usually held during the 10am Sunday Eucharist, but otherwise at 12 noon on Sundays.

Application for Baptism (Christening)

Please contact the Parish Office - see above. The application form can be downloaded at the link below. The date is not confirmed until you have returned the form and the date availability has been checked by the Parish Office clerk.

Application for Baptism

Baptism application form - adults2022.pdf

Application for Wedding - Calling Banns of Marriage

Please contact the Parish Office - see above. The application form can be downloaded at the link below. Please also read the information sheet. See below regarding fees.

Application for the calling of Banns of Marriage

Calling of Banns - Information sheet

To arrange a Wedding at St George’s

Download our guide booklet which explains all that you need to do in order to have your marriage ceremony at St George’s Church, including how to apply.
Booklet: Getting married at St George’s Waterlooville
(including 2022 fees).

We accept credit cards. You can also pay by cheque - payable to ‘PCC St George’s Waterlooville’


Betty Edwards

Lexi Bennett

Teddy Simpson

Penny Deal

Teddy Eastoe

Jack Harris

Sydney-Mae Ballinger

Darcy Richardson

Liam Triccas

Isla Palmer

Sophie Louise Blower

Eva Georgie Stedman-Tippett

Archie Skerratt

Myanna Broon

Roger Watson

Norma Kershaw

Alice Bell

Ella Saunders


Connor William Gregory

Emily Jane Donnelly

Rhys Michael Justin David Mulford

Fiona Wendy Jones

Kayla Lexie Flood

Melissa Charlotte Gardner

Savannah Joanne Lily Gardner

Euan Oliver Toft

Jasmine Clare Davies

Melissa Charlotte Gardner

Savannah Joanne Lily Gardner

Euan Oliver Toft

Jasmine Clare Davies

Lucy Rockett

Ashley M Muzondo

Yolanda P Muzondo

Poppy Elinor Dovener

Cohen Michael David Revill

Luke Frederick James Smith

Lola Ivy Amey

Kacey-Louise Jamieson

Jessica Jill Amanda Smith

Ryan James Empson

Jack Steven Lummis


Merissa Nicole Bowles

Piper Hayden Handy

Finley Bruce Rollinson

Alfie George Heath

Nathan George Drury (Adult)

Harry Daniel James Drury

Olivia Violet Stephens

Morgan Ethan Harrold

Elizabeth Rose Hyett

Jack Lindsay Withey

Jordan Knight

Aidan Knight

Jasmine Knight

Joe Knight

Travis Ray Tricker

Oakley Roy Campbell

Riley Jonathan Browne

Tyler Peter Browne

Reggie Lawrence Kupferroth

Harvey Shay John Senecal

Emily Rae Cameron

Macey Julie Hall

Isaac James Lewis

Robbie Ray Daren Sherwin

Kai James Chivers

Alfie Joshua Wiltshire

Evie Jennifer Stewart

Michael Oliver Lee Brayley

Claire Lucy Marguerite Guy

Gregory Thomas Allen


Fletcher Robert Parker

Charlotte Marie Page

Kiera Marie Benfield

Jayden James Benfield

Stanley Harold Whiteley

Jack Daniel Davies

Sylvie-Rose Hillebrandt

Maximus Mark Karl Bevis

Logan Allan Madgwick

Lee Bradley Spencer-Jones

Max Alexander Straw

Grace Mollie McElhinney

Ellen Grace Deal

Imogen Julie Deann Green

Oliver Matthew Edwards

Harry John Roach

Kayla Surry

Bill John Goddard

Jessica Kirsty Simmonds

Summer Michele Weston

Ruaraidh Peter Trotter

Victoria Nichole Hodgens

Alfie Jack Spratt

Elsie Lou Cadmna

Thomas Henry Bell

Imogen Catherine Toft

Noah Patrick Foxcroft-Boyd


Morgan Patrick James

Leilani Louise Edwards

Beth Chloe Bowles

Liam John Knowles

Riley Oliver George Knowles

Paul Randall

Henry Freemantle

Harry Bird

Lydia Alison Payne

Kian Mark Summerfield

Glynn Christopher Corniel Ross

Kaeden William Handy

Poppy Grace Bevis

Alysha Isabella Withey

Oliver David Fraser Cameron

Rosie Olivia Lergg

Isla-Rose Wilson

Ethan Robert James Ford

Harrison Donnolly

Ayla Crosswell


Seth Hunt

Charlie George Roach

Junior Lloyd Tricker

Angel Louise Tribble

George James Roy Palmer

Tyler Mason Eldridge

Jack Paul Humphreys

Lewis Robert Shaw


Nerys Barlow

Jacob Clark

Catherine Emery

Elizabeth Emery

Marian Haughton

Fiona Jones

Yolanda Muzondo

Gabrielle Read

Melanie Rogers

Katherine Shepherd

Courtney Sherwin


Harry Burton (All Saints West Meon)

Mary Isaacs (St George’s)

Daniel Palmer (St George’s)

Polly Rowen (St Francis Leigh Park)

Archie Sadler (St George’s)

Theo Rogers (St George’s)


at St Faith’s, Leigh Park

Ellisia Lee

Emma Mack

Faith Lee

Glynn Ross

Jasmine Flint

Laura Price

Oliver Allison

Paul Randall

Timothy Price


at St George’s:

Ellis Ashby

Joanne Bunch

Kenneth Burton

Patricia Byrne

Ellen Hatton

Norma Kershaw

Martin Lloyd

Simon Lloyd

Wendy Lloyd

Senea Rigby-Jones

Roger Watson.

at St Mary’s Hayling Island

Gillian Davies

Roy Davies


Bill Deal and Jess Spurgeon

Chris Lambird and Michelle Bates

Mark Smith and Natalie Chivers


Simon Sewell and Jennifer Harvey


Chris Barrand and Sonja Pask


Gene Powell and Penny Edney

Blessing of Marriage:
Nicholas and Norma Kershaw

Blessing of Marriage: Dick and Lesley Handy

Tommy Mckay and Stacey Buck

Mario Goad and Natisha Jeans

Matt Cook and Jess Stradling


Paul Radford

Ron Stanley

Jean Connett

Beverley Darvill

Annie Mann

John Cook

Gerry Marfleet

Pat Gasser

Eileen Hill

Hilda Easton

Brian Emms

Stella Hall

Bill Brighton

Keith Walker

Molly Boyland

Roger Edwards

Cora Martindale

Jean Clark

Eileen Ovendon

Fr Ron Bowles

Valentine Brown

Jenny Burns

Vera Trotter **

Cora Martindale


Joan Dudley

Doreen Bradshaw

Keith  Fothergill

Margaret Minto

Jules Shepherd

John Wheeler

Jess Stephenson

Bill McNeil

Kathleen Last

Ruby Hammond

Vi Nicklen

John Wheatley

Marina Walford

Bruce Cooper

Jean Edwards

Carol Hurst

Ivy Barnes

Jean Brice

Christopher Gooch

Doris Sturman

Harry Allison

Dorothy Bailey


Doris Fothergill

Jason Phillips

Phyllis Tickner

Gwenda Hayhoe

Ronald Lloyd

Len Heath

Trixie Olding

Eve Nunn

Betty Bishop

David Roberts

Canon Peter Oades

Simon Warton

Mary Williams

Betty Lee

Edwin Sheppard

Sheila Purchase

Dorothy Holdford

Matthew Mourn

Patricia Palmer

Joe Greenwell

Keith Bywater


Ruby Bullock

Doris Holmes

Douglas Orsmond

Franklin James Hoy

Geraldine Debra Glancey

Rosalind Winifred Franklin

Myles Preston Conlane

Ted Inwood

Michael Cartmell

Eric Dinneen

Mary Turner (at Crem)

Don Masters

Jo Greenwell

Norman Welch**

Freda Hewett

Gwen Edwards

Arthur Bradburn

Pat Millard

**(burial of ashes in the Garden of Rest)


John Towns (at Holy Trinity, Blendworth)

June Bradley

Margaret Jenkins

Winifred Grace Mancz

Salle-Anne Reynolds

David Hodgens, MBE

Jean Cannings

Jean Kightley (at Crematorium)

John Appleton

Stella Margaret Starr

Rev Geoff Jameson (at St Wilfrid’s Cowplain)


Ron Cooper
Audrey Bartrum
William Graham

Rosemary Goulding**

Jim Jones

Margaret Anderson

Bernard Tebbutt


Dillan John Matthew       Parker

Dawn Carmell

Cecil Wilman

Ivy Dimmott

Joyce Curran

Hannah Steel

Shirley King

Joyce Churchill**

Margaret Anderson*

Kenneth Robert Burton

Babs Chamberlain

Archive of Parish Registers prior to January 2010:

Parish Registers for 1997 to 2009 are archived on our old website. To go to the relevant page please click the link below:

Holy Baptism, 1997-2009

Confirmation, 1997-2009

Holy Marriage, 1997-2009

Christian Funerals, 1997-2009

You will be taken to our old website.

Graveyard Records

Baptisms confirmation marriage funerals register archive graveyard records birthdays

List A - when viewed from the road - right hand side of the path.

List B - Graves when viewed from the road - left hand side of path.

List C - Graves in lower slope area - when read from right to left when viewed from path from church to hall.

The church has burial records going back to 1908. A search of the records costs £20. If the search is successful, the fee will include a photocopy of the record. For enquiries, please use the feedback form or email feedback@stgeorgesnews.org

Records prior to 1908 are in the library archives at Portsmouth.

Cremations take place at Portchester Crematorium. More information: www.portchestercrematorium.org
or at The Oaks, Havant. www.havantcrematorium.co.uk   info@havantcrematorium.co.uk

Waterlooville Cemetery is administered by Havant Borough Council. More information: www.havant.gov.uk

Archive of Burials


1st Tony Smith

3rd Diana Oberholster

Amber Gadd

Rosemary Turner

16th Rod Dawson

17th Mo Peters

18th Glynn Ross

Charlie Wood

21st Tony Shepherd

25th Bernadette Watt

26th Adrienne Bridger

29th Liz Graham

31st Linda Wainwright

Abi Woodford-Richens

Pat Mitchell

Liz Brewer


1st Christine Culley

4th Andrew Clark

5th Jane Rice-Oxley

9th Barbara Clark

15th Daphne Wilkes

18th Sandy Anderson

19th Ellen Deal

Andy Graham

26th Sonja Pask

27th Inara Nijkar


1st Simon Lloyd

2nd Alice Pitney

5th Ben Trimby

6th Mary Isaacs

8th Amanda Jelley

9th Janet Johnson

Carolyn Westbrook

Charles Howard

10th Jane Cook

Tony Kightley

11th Tracey Allison

Paul Read

12th Yvonne Jones

14th Jess Deal

15th Priscilla Barlow

16th Jennefer Higginbottom

18th Robert Vann

22nd Hazel Woodward

23rd Marjorie Garton

26th Tricia Taylor

27th Stan Oberholster

31st Kat Shepherd


1st Wendy Campion

2nd Daphne de Mellow

8th Audrey Linney

9th Gillian Spurgeon

Revd Ruth Loveman

11th. Heili Marklew

12th Rosy Stone

18th Doreen Sweet

20th Rosa Miller

22nd Sandra Edwards

24th Elaine Shimbart

28th Sandra Hewett

June Blythe

29th Patricia Byrne


3rd Wendy Dancer

Shirley Martin

9th. Linda Chamberlain

13th Angela Burtenshaw

15th Lynn Winter

Richard Spurgeon

Barbie Lloyd

21st Nigel Morgan

27th Anne Morgan

28th Isaac Lewis

31st. Norma Kershaw

Kathie Whitmore


2nd June Diaper

Susan Deal

3rd Julia Spurgeon

6th June Chapman

8th Marjorie Evans

16th Fiona Ross

20th Geoff Davies

24th Malcolm Freemantle


1st Tyrone Hillary

9th Don Lloyd

10th Lira Anderson

13th Margaret Symonds

14th Val Davies

18th David Pask

20th Daniella Dzikunoo

Stephen Biddlecombe

24th Sue Andrews

25th John Hood

26th. Anthea Yandell


1st Margaret Deal

4th Jan Bull

7th Janet Brewer

10th Lynne McNeill

Chris Gadd

11th Ian Gibson

16th Katie Gallagher

21st Shirley Vann

26th Pam Shaw

28th Bob Andrews


4th Iain Renfrew

5th David Jarman

7th Sharon Hillary

8th Linda Smith

10th Betty Gaskin

11th John Johnson

Lee Stockham

14th Richard Collier

15th Fr Colin Lawlor

18th Lindsay Hood

22nd Val Edwards

25th John Williams

Derek Strickland

27th Eleanor Pearson

29th David Cavey

Jan Kennett

30th Jackie Moore


2nd Wendy Lloyd

Martin Lloyd

8th Dawn Trimby

11th Marian Haughton

13th Audrey Mentor

Kerry Wood

17th Gordon Anderson

20th Margaret Cavey

Joy Woodford-Richens

23rd Gillian Griffiths

24th Rosemary Monk

Sheilah Hall

26th Malcolm Brewer

27th Norman Linney


3rd Candy Williams

6th Graham Biggs

7th Hope Woodford-Richens

8th Colin Monk

Dawn Hyett

16th Tony Rice-Oxley

Mabel Maginn

Ray Chapman

17th Tracy Gadd

20th Anne Brown

21st Sheila Howard

23rd Sara Pask

29th Eve Inwood


2nd Sue Hodgens

Pat Phillips

8th Sarah Brewer

11th Seth Lewis

14th Jo Guy

Paul Taylor

17th Anna Richardson

18th. Beth Hines

19th Eileen Oades

Paula Graham

24th Penny Deal


Riley Smith

Reggie Randall

Eadie Whiteley

Willow Moore

Paris Riddell

Elsie Graham

Rebecca Taylor

Matthew Taylor

Daniel Taylor

Eaden Bignall

Annie Blaxill

Aria Reid

Katherine Underdown

Jessica Shaw

Adam Kirby

Poppy May

Annie Blaxill

Ashton Surry

Corban Cook

Taylor-Bell Legg

Kian Rees

Jack White

Evie White

Oscar Jewell

Casey Bailey

Penelope Withey

Ruby Chivers

Dylan Collin

Benjamin Morgan


Jayden Bishop

Poppy Leyland

Jennifer Blower

Ava Holden

Jessie Andrews

Elijah Moore

Annabelle Rollinson

Jonathon Barnes

Violet Stray

Bethany Stevenson

George Richards

Albi Tricas

Riley Wearn


Anthony James Drew and Samantha Victoria Lettin

Martin Mullon and Louis Duncan

Joel Woodford-Richens and Abigail Morgan

Joseph Burrows and Kelly Brailsford


Tina Pearson and Simon Bridges


Christopher Marklew and Fleur Williams

Mike Hill and Val Croft

Louis Ian Pereira Hillman and Trudy Ann Bolt


Stephen Hobbs and Donna O’Connell
Andrew Harrison and Alayana Fewings


Mark Poad

Elderberry Scott

Janet Corolan **

David Bailey

Baby Rosalea

Anne Willoughby
(at Brighstone IOW)

Bob Phillips

Stella Starr **

Cecil Wilman **

Eric Walker **

Doreen Rider

Brian Albert Perkins (memorial service)

Alison Gregory (at Crematorium)


at St Mary’s Hayling Island

Marilyn Atkins

Amber Gadd


At Portsmouth Cathedral
Derek Strickland


Hope Woodford-Richens

Eryn Molly Grace Palmer

Franklin James Simpson

Leo Damen

Dolcie Mae Dickson

Willow Grace Dickson

Leanne Dickson

Joseph Amey Carter

Jorja Reynolds

Lois Allen

William Michael David Hicken

Gary Paige Kelly

Daniel Reardon

Tia Payne

David Gerard Jacobs

Arlo Benjamin Gandy

Maisie Coombes


Abigail Bennett

Olicia Bennet

Blake Bennet

Bobby Rock

Mark Riddell

Derek Strickland

Stephen Hobbs

Donna O’Connell

Edward John Richards

Thea Webb

George Fletcher

Oliver Fletcher

Richard Michael Collyer


Heidi Marklew


Leo Booth

Joy Sophia Woodford-Richens

George Tee

Freddie Tee

Evelyn Stanhope

Edward Goodall

Arthur James Carter

Paige Rees

Evelyn Ward

Charlie Ward

Heidi Harris

Chester Harris

Arthur James Carter

Paige Rees

Evelyn Ward

Charlie Ward

Heidi Harris

Chester Harris

Lily May Hayes

Elsie Madeline Lewis

Harper-Rose Tee

Hallie Grace Tee

Mila Sue

David John Buckland

Miles Blake Lindsay


William George Marshall

Anthony Neville

Baby Jenson Pearce

Sally Spurgeon

Sylvia Gent
(Memorial service)

Patricia Wark

Raymon Hayhoe

Baby Romeo

John Honey

Pamela Joan Dinneen


Denise Rosser

Gerry Shimbart
(Thanksgiving Service)

Wendy Pearce

Josephine Cox
(Memorial Service)

Bronwen Wood

Margot Farrell

Wendy Clark

Beryl Bainbridge

(at Portchester Crem)


John William Symonds

(at Crematorium)

Ray Kent
(at Crematorium)

Pat Winter
(at Crematorium)


Maurice Stevenson

Elizabeth Carter

Fr Arthur Green

(At Portchester Crem)

Len Palmer

Audrey Mentor

(At Portchester Crem)

Jean Goddard

(at Warminster)


Michael Harris and Rachael Peach

Blessing of Marriage: Mr & Mrs Fletcher

Michael Harrison and Rachael Peach


Rodney Dawson

Margaret Buckland

(at Sedlescombe)

Gill Barrett

(at Portchester Crem)