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Autumn 2022 issue

Book Corner

As we move into early Autumn and in view of the Bible Study Groups that some of us are participating in, here are a few suggestions for your interest and meditation.

Christian Beliefs:  Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know by Wayne A. Grudem. Not every Christian needs to go to seminary, but there are certain teachings of the Bible that every Christian should know. Whether you’re a relatively new believer in Jesus or a mature Christian looking for a better understanding of basics of the faith, Christian Beliefs is for you. This readable guide to twenty basic Christian beliefs condenses Wayne Grudem’s award-winning book, Systematic Theology, prized by pastors and teachers everywhere. He and his son, pastor Elliot Grudem, have boiled down the essentials of theology for everyday Christians and made them both clear and applicable to life.  

Ref: 5464 (ZONDERVAN) (RRP £14.99)
ASLAN £12.99

What’s the Point of Theology?:  Wisdom, Wellbeing and Wonder by Alister McGrath We may be aware that theology is the study of the nature of God and of religious belief.  But why should that matter to us? What’s the point of theology? In this wonderfully accessible book, renowned Christian theologian Alister McGrath explores just why theology is so important and what it can bring to our lives. Drawing on insights from his own experience of coming to Christianity from atheism, this exhilarating and enlightening volume reveals how theology offers a gateway to discovery:  it helps us grow in wisdom; it contributes to our wellbeing, it sparks an innate sense of wonder. Above all, theology helps us to grow in faith and love as we draw ever closer to the divine.  

Ref 5514 (SPCK) (RRP £10.99) ASLAN £9.49

Invest Your Future:  Making Godly Choices Using Your Bible and Your Brain by Paul Mallard. Making big decisions can be desperately difficult.  Often we end up paralysed with indecision, afraid that making the wrong choice will ruin our lives. So how do we make good decisions? When does the Bible guide us, and when should we just use our common sense or talk things through with friends and family?  Using his huge experience and pastoral heart, Paul Mallard comes right alongside us in Invest Your Future to help us practice spiritual discernment.  He shows us where to find wisdom and how it works in God’s economy. He helps us find the balance in what is, for many of us, a constant challenge. He teaches us how to understand God’s purpose, so we can see what are the truly important factors in making our decisions.

Ref 5563 (IVP) (RRP £9.99) ASLAN £8.49

They Walked with God: 40 Bible Characters Who Inspire Us by Max Lucado. The characters we meet in the Bible play a huge role in our lives. Whether we personally relate to Joseph’s dedication to serving the Lord even when he was confused or we understand when Mary Magdalene mourns, in front of the vacant tomb, the timeless stories we find in the Bible influence and inspire us to learn to be more like Christ. But how can we apply these lessons to our everyday lives? In They Walked with God, a compilation adapted from previous works with new content added, Max Lucado takes a closer look at 40 of the most inspirational characters in the Bible. We can rest assured  that he’s carved out a spot for us too.

Ref 5583 HARPER COLLINS)  (RRP £18.99) ASLAN £16.99

All suggestions are taken from the August edition of  Aslan Christian Books. To order visit:
aslanchristianbooks.com or phone 0330 0272828 or I can order for you

Lynn Winter