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Autumn 2016 issue

Book Corner

I hope you have all found some interesting reading matter during the summer. Are there any recommendations?

For this edition, I am pleased to present a variety of suggestions, including a fun colouring book and a preview of Advent and Christmas Books.

The Day The Revolution Began (Rethinking The Meaning of Jesus’s Crucifixion) by Tom Wright

Jesus’ crucifixion is the event at the heart of the Christian faith. With in-depth research and insight, Wright shows that Jesus’ death not only released us from the power of sin, but began a world-wide revolution that continues to this day. A revolution responsible for restoring and reconciling the whole of creation.  This book takes you to a new level in understanding the meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice; opening up its powerful and amazing implication, inspiring you with a renewed sense of purpose and hope, and reminding you of the crucial role you play in the world-transforming movement that Jesus started.

REF 1100 (SPCK) (Published 11th October) RRP £16.99

Prayer For The Day On Peace (BBC Radio 4)

This inspiring collection of 40 meditations and prayers, drawn from the much loved BBC Radio 4 series, Prayer For The Day, makes clear that true peace begins with an inner quiet in which we may know our own thoughts and hear the voice of God.  

REF 1002 (WATKINS) RRP £8.99 ASLAN £5.99

Life Of The Beloved and Our Greatest Gift by Henri Nouwen

Nouwen was one of the 20th century’s greatest spiritual writers; this book brings together two of the most inspirational pastoral works in a new edition. Life of the Beloved asks how to live a spiritual life and bridge the gap between secular and sacred as a human being being beloved of God. Our Greatest Gift is a meditation on dying. Thoughts on death can often bring fear, but the experience of dying and caring for the dying can become the deepest experience of love.

ASLAN £6.99

Ben-Hur by Carol Wallace and
Lew Wallace

Lew’s Ben-Hur captivated millions. Now his great-great granddaughter has updated the novel for today’s audience. The story follows a Jewish nobleman who is betrayed and vows revenge, but a chance meeting with a carpenter from Nazareth sets him on a different path.  Rediscover the intrigue, romance, and tragedy of this thrilling adventure.

REF 1072 (LION) RRP £8.99 ASLAN £6.99

Also available as a Collector’s Edition with 2016 Film Photos, extra chapters, trivia and more!

REF 1073 (LION) RRP £18.99 ASLAN £13.99

The Dave Walker Colouring Book by Dave Walker

Fans of Dave’s unique and brilliant cartoons will love this latest release: a colouring book that all ages can enjoy. Featuring over 40 large scale cartoons celebrating the oddities of church life, Christian Festivals, the shopping habits of the clergy, the mayhem of child-friendly services, bring-and-share lunches and much more. Combines the fun of colouring with Dave’s distinctive and wry humour.

REF 1176 RRP £7.99 ASLAN £6.99

All suggestions taken from the September 2016 edition of ASLAN Christian Books.  Aslanchristianbooks.com  Telephone numbers 08453 679 676 or 01373 823 451.  Or I can order for you.

Advent For Everyone (A Journey Through Matthew) by Tom Wright

Journey into the heart of Matthew, exploring the Gospel themes of watching, repenting, healing and loving, Wright offers daily readings and meditations with stimulating personal reflection or group discussion.  Take a journey of spiritual enlightenment toward the wonder and joy of Christmas.

REF 1111 (SPCK) RRP £8.99 ASLAN £6.99

Bake Through the Bible at Christmas by Susi Bentley-Taylor and Bekah Moore

12 Bible stories in a simple style, each has a cooking activity linked in; questions to discuss while cooking; and a recap to use while enjoying your treats. With clear, illustrated recipes, you don’t have to be a good cook, just ready for fun!

REF 1146 (GBC) RRP £6.99 (Published 30th September) ASLAN £5.99

Lynn Winter

All suggestions taken from the September 2016 edition of ASLAN Christian Books.  Aslanchristianbooks.com  Telephone numbers 08453 679 676 or 01373 823 451.  Or I can order for you.