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Summer 2017 issue

Farewell to Fr Mike and Lynda

We made a list of things to say,

So many it would take all day!

So listed is a summary,

Some thoughts - what is and what will be.

You came with boundless energy

And new ideas and ways that we

Adapted to and claimed our own

As you made Waterlooville home.

Our Music Festival has been

A great success as all have seen.

Brought music with a wide appeal

And in the evenings ale that’s real!

Processions - lots throughout the town,

Some round the Church, or up and down

The street outside, in crocodile -

St George’s folk process with style!

The Men’s Group was a great idea,

A boy’s night out with lots of beer.

The Tweenies ladies more sedate,

With Pimms and swims and choc-o-late.

All this was “present”; now to see

What soon your future life will be.

You’re moving on to life’s next stage

For you have reached retirement age.

(Well nearly, but that extra bit

Has meant our sentence wouldn’t fit!)

No more the distant tolling bell

Your early morning start foretell,

Henceforth - no “clergy hours” to keep -

Roll over and go back to sleep.

Oh, bliss on cold and frosty morn,

No trudge to church need now be borne.

But coffee brought to bed by wife -

Now that could be the perfect life!

St George’s Day can pass you by

Without a taste of cottage pie.

What joy at time of Summer Fête

For now you both can stroll in late.

And if the rain by chance should fall

You’ll have no need to come at all!

No dashing round the hall with tin

For cash and tickets placed therein.

We’ll miss the emails that appear

Whenever an event draws near,

Reminders sent to us from you

With lists of things we need to do.

At Pantomime or Church Revue

No songs to learn, no dance to do.

And Walsingham won’t be the same,

You won’t be with us there again.

All “pigeon-holed” into your past

Now you can have a rest at last.

You’ll miss the Vicarage we’re sure

When finally you close its door.

One thing is certain you won’t mind,

Your furry lodgers stay behind.

But since all’s quiet, it may prove

That they are also on the move!

With leisure time you’re free to ride

Around the Hampshire countryside,

But Lynda though will have to pay -

Her bus pass several years away.

At chosen church can claim your pew

The way St George’s never do!

If things are diff’rent you can say -

“We never did that in my day!”

We hope that you enjoy your home,

And brand new kitchen all your own.

Chill out, slow down, enjoy the rest

Retirement time can be the best -

As life drifts by quite peacefully

In shelter of the Solent’s Lee

But… learning from experience past

Your seaside idyll may not last.

When word gets out that you are there

And free from all past-or-al care,

As well as priestly duties you

Will find a host of jobs to do.

Before too long you’ll realise

That in retirement time still flies!

We thank you both for all you’ve done,

To make St George’s life such fun.

For thirteen years you’ve been our friends

But now our time together ends.

We’ll miss you more than can be said,

Or in a Leaving Card be read.

And wish for longer you could stay

And didn’t have to move away.

So, as we bid farewell to you,

We wish you well, and happy too.

One final thought to end this rhyme -

May all your buses come on time!

Janet Johnson