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Autumn 2017 issue

Book Corner

I thought this month you may be interested in a Christmas and Advent preview.

Advent for Everyone: A Journey with The Apostles by Tim Wright.

New in the Advent series, explore New Testament themes of thankfulness, patience, humility and joy through a week of daily readings and meditations, beginning with Sunday Lectionary readings and ending with questions for reflection, with key passages from the popular ‘For Everyone’ series. Takes a journey towards the wonder and joy of Christmas.

Ref 1888 (SPCK) RRP £8.99 Aslan £7.99

Reflections for Advent 2017.

An extract of the main annual with Lectionary Bible readings and contributions from leading writers for use as a devotional or to give new readers a taste of the Reflection series, includes C W Lectionary references, engaging commentaries, collects, a prayer and guide to keeping the season.

Ref 1670 (CHURCH HOUSE) RRP £2.99 Aslan £2.99

Christmas Through the Keyhole by Derek Tidball

A look at songs sung around the birth of Jesus as recorded in Luke’s Gospel. Mary’s song (the Magnificat), Zechariah’s song (the Benedictus); the angels’ song (the Gloria); and Simeon’s song (the Nunc Dimittis). It offers a fresh approach to the Christmas Story with a  focus on Jesus as the fulfilment of old Testament promises and patterns.

Ref 1672 (BRF)  RRP £6.99 Aslan £5.99

In Touch with God by Michael and Rosemary Green

Make this Advent a time to refresh and enhance your spiritual life by reflecting on some of the greatest prayers in the Bible and the people who prayed them. 25 inspiring reflections look at how our forebears in faith turned to God, in times of trouble and times of joy and celebration.

Re 1674 (SPCK) RRP £7.99 Aslan £6.99

Unearthly Beauty by Magdalen Smith

A book for those longing to balance the worldly Christmas season. Jesus’ arrival in poverty and vulnerability provoked both unease and hope. How can we live distinctively in an age of anxiety? Inspired by the people the Church calls ‘saints’, these devotions offer contemporary stories of 24 people who enable us to glimpse holiness in a new way.

Ref 1675 (SPCK) RRP £8.99 Aslan £7.99

A Child is Born: Cover-to-Cover Advent by Abby Guinness

A child is born. The impact is like a stone dropped into water, making waves towards and backwards through time. The victorious Jesus we can hold in our hearts chose to embrace human vulnerability. 31 daily studies exploring Scripture through those who met with the majesty and mystery of the incarnation first hand - God’s fullness in the form of a baby.

Ref 1676 (CWR) RRP £5.99 Aslan £5.49

Taken from the September edition of Aslan Christian Books. More choices on the website.


Or 08453 679676. Or I can order for you.

Lynn Winter