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Winter 2017 issue

Book Corner

As Lent begins on 1st March, here is a preview of some of the titles available.  

Dethroning Mammon Making Money Serve Grace by Justin Welby

An insightful exploration of money and materialism. Welby reflects on the power of money and the attitudes that surround it.  Who will be on the throne of our lives? Who will direct our actions?  Is it Jesus, who brings truth, hope and freedom? Or is it Mammon (money) leading us into paths that tangle and deceive? Explore the tensions that arise in a society dominated by finance, and the pressures of our culture to conform. Following the Gospels, this book asks what it means to dethrone Mammon and learn to trust in the abundance and grace of God.

Ref 1240 (CONTINUUM) RRP £9.99 ASLAN PRICE £7.99

Reflections For Lent 2017 – 1st March – 15 April 2017

Designed to enhance your spiritual journey through the 40 days of Lent.  Covering Monday to Saturday each week, it offers reflections on readings from the CW Lectionary, written by some of today’s leading spiritual and theological writers.

Ref 1241 (CHURCH HOUSE)  RRP £4.99 ASLAN PRICE £4.49

Glimpses Of Glory The 2017 Mowbray Lent Book by David Bryant

Facing a terminal cancer diagnosis, David writes powerfully about his life and moments when he encountered God in unlikely places, a prison; at the bedside of a dying child; in imagination; and in Bible passages that have been startlingly brought to life in his own experiences.

Ref 1246  (CONTINUUM) RRP £9.99 ASLAN PRICE £7.99

Let Me Go There:  The Spirit Of Lent by Paula Gooder

40 short reflections for daily reading reflecting on the themes of wilderness; journey; fasting; taking up your cross; discipleship; prayer and temptation.  Includes an introduction to Lent’s characteristic themes and how to use the season as a time for spiritual growth.


The Things He Did by Stephen Cottrell

In one extraordinary week Jesus rides into Jerusalem; shows righteous rage in the temple; eats with the wrong sort of people; lets a woman anoint him; washes his disciples’ feet; breaks bread and shares wine; prays passionately; and lets himself be arrested…..Jesus stands in the prophetic tradition of those who embody what they teach.  The things he did were carefully planned each with political and religious significance as Jesus moved towards his greatest and final act.

Ref . 249 (SPCK) RRP £7.99 ASLAN PRICE £6.99

All suggestions taken from the November/December 2016 Aslan Christian Books Catalogue.  08453 679 676 or aslanchristianbooks.com or I can order for you.  

Lynn Winter