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Autumn 2017 issue

Remembrance Day

All who upon this solemn date

Heads bowed in silent minutes wait.

Are gathered, due respect to pay,

And for the future, peace we pray.

With names there etched on sacred stone

Of those brave souls who came not home.

At Cenotaph or monument

Such loss of life self evident.

No stranger or forgotten one,

But someone’s daughter, someone’s son.

They lay in never ending row

Beside their comrades, ever so.

With whom they lived and fought, and saw

The futile horror that is War.

They dreamed of futures that might be,

And lives that they would never see.

Cut short through greed and tyranny,

And such, it seems, will always be.

No stranger or forgotten one.

Each someone’s brother, someone’s son.

For those whose resting place unknown

When hope exhausted came not home.

Nowhere to mourn, no grave to find,

Nor flowers to lay at years remind.

One of their number laid to rest

Amongst the Great, the Good, the Best.

Entombed in Abbey, name unknown.

A hero come at last to home.

No stranger or forgotten one,

But someone’s father, someone’s son.

Janet Johnson

A service of Remembrance will take place at St George’s by the Lychgate at 11am on Saturday 11th November, and also during the Eucharist service at around 11am on Sunday 12th November.