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Christmas 2020 issue

The New St George’s, 1970 - 2010

In December Lindy Jarman resigned as Young Wives leader and was replaced by Margaret Symonds. A link with the old church was broken when Mrs Claire Philippson left Waterlooville to live in Newquay, Cornwall.

Two additions to the church furnishings came when Mrs Budden presented a Credence Table in memory of her husband and Mrs Rae gave a Kneeling Desk for the Sanctuary also in memory of her husband.

The Revd Haig-Brown, curate, left in April 1975 and went to St Patrick’s in Milton. His successor The Revd Michael Gover, a former Maths teacher arrived in July.

It was apparent at this time that the population of Waterlooville was growing rapidly with many new housing estates being built and this is reflected in the church statistics. Marriages in church were now averaging 20-25 compared with 15 or so in the 1950s. Christenings likewise increased to some 70 each year reflecting the growing numbers of young families moving into the parish. A happy occasion came in September when the Vicar and Mrs Gibson celebrated their Silver Wedding.

In January 1976 a painting was presented to the church by Hilary Goddard a former Sunday School teacher during the Ministry of the Revd Philippson. She was also an Art teacher and left the parish to live in Devon. The painting is of the North West face of Hay Tor on Dartmoor. It represents the Passion, Death and Burial of our Lord and also the glorious Light of the Resurrection.

Another noteworthy event that summer was an enjoyable Whit Sunday lunch held on Harting Down in conjunction with neighbouring parishes. Tom Churchill and Chris Dursley continued as Church Wardens though at the end of the year Mr A Burbidge replaced Mr Dursley as leader of the Men’s Fellowship.

The Revd Gover led a Young Communicants Guild which met after Sunday Evensong. Another change came at the end of the year when the long serving Hall caretaker Mr Norman Birt retired and was succeeded by Mrs J. Wilkins.

1977 saw new members being elected to the P.C.C. including Mr J Steed, Mrs Margaret Symonds and Miss Candy Wilman to be joined the following year by Pam and Eric Dinneen, Ruth Loveman, Mrs Edith Cooper, Paul Ostermayer and Patrick Anderson.

Mrs Edith Cooper was elected Enrolling Member of the St Georges M.U. in October and Mrs Joyce Gibson became Deanery Presiding Member. A table for the entrance to the church was given in memory of Mr James Larchet whilst Mr A Sandells presented a model of the church made from 5485 matchsticks.

Anne Brown became leader of the St Georges Ladies Group  early in 1980 and the same year saw an enjoyable Parish Outing to Glastonbury. At the end of October the new A.S.B. Prayer book began to be used for services. On 23 April 1981 the 150th Anniversary of the foundation of the church was commemorated with a Celebration Eucharist led by Bishop Warren Hunt.

The end of an era came in October when our vicar The Reverend Harry Gibson retired after 18 years in the parish and went to live in Chichester.

John Symonds                     

•Series to be continued ....

John Symonds authored the book, The History of the Old St George’s, and more recently worked on a history of The New St George’s, covering the period from the construction of the new church in 1970, to the year 2010. We are pleased to be serialising this account over the coming issues of St George’s News.

Chapter 2, Part 1. The Seventies

1973 saw the retirement of Mr John Osmond after 25 years excellent service as Church Warden. He was succeeded by Mr Chris Dursley a retired naval officer who also became leader of the Men’s Fellowship Group. The same year saw a new heating system installed in the curate’s house, new curtains provided for the Hall, new Hymn Books purchased, whilst foam rubber seating was placed on the church pews. Confirmation services continued to be held annually in April or May usually involving about 20 candidates.

In 1974 a new Young Wives Committee was elected with Mrs June Webster as Secretary and Joyce Clarke as Treasurer. Other members included Adina Burton, Shirley Cork, Pam Dinneen, Yvonne Jones, Dorothy Kessler and Hazel Lindsay. Mrs Joyce Gibson became Enrolling Member of the Mothers’ Union Branch assisted by Mrs Cooper as Secretary and Mrs Biden as Treasurer. In May the P.C.C. held a long discussion about the proposed Ordination of Women Priests eventually voting 6 in favour, 4 against and 2 abstentions. A few months later the Series 2 Communion Service began to be used on a regular basis.