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Easter 2020 issue

Book Corner

Breathing Deep by Ian Adams

Ian Adams draws on the Gospel stories of the resurrection of Jesus to create 40 ‘invitations’, each one offering a path for the resurrection to reshape how we live. This powerful series of daily meditations invites us to step into the new world brought about by the first Easter.

REF Canterbury Press (RRP £8.99) ASLAN £7.99

Preparing for Easter by C. S. Lewis

A concise, handy companion for the faithful of all Christian traditions and the curious to help them deepen their knowledge and consideration of this holy season. A time of reflection as we consider Jesus’ sacrifice and his joyous rise from the dead.

REF  Williams Collins     (RRP £8.99) ASLAN £5.99

Where The Lost Things Go by Lucy Berry

A brilliant new Lent Course for 2020, based on the hugely popular film ‘Mary Poppins Returns’. This radiant, timeless tale provides the ideal springboard for Lent study and discussion. The five-week course offers discussion points, biblical reflections and prayers based on short excerpts from the film.  

REF     DLT (RRP £6.99) ASLAN £5.99

A few suggestions to supplement your Lent and Easter reading.   

Say Yes to Life by Ruth Valerio The Archbishop Of Canterbury’s Lent Book

Lift your focus from natural, everyday concerns, to issues that are having an impact on millions of lives around the world. We are made in the image of God, entrusted to look after what He has created, to share in God’s joy and ingenuity in making a difference for good. Ruth imaginatively draws on creation, (Genesis 1), and relates themes of light, water, land, the seasons, creatures, humankind, Sabbath rest and resurrection hope, to matters of environment, ethical and social concerns. Voices from around the world are heard throughout, and each chapter ends with discussion questions and a prayer to encourage us to respond.  

REF 2006  SPCK (RRP 9.99)   ASLAN £7.99

and for children:

Heaven’s Big Secret by Karen Langtree

Something was happening in heaven. Alfie and Alia, two of the smallest angels, listened carefully.  What were the big angels whispering about? Alia made a plan. “Let’s fly down to Earth and find out!” Join Alfie and Alia as they discover the Easter story, and meet many furry friends along the way!

Ref 3045   SPCK (RRP £5.99) ASLAN £4.99

On Easter Day In The Morning by Vicki Howie

This picture book explores the First Easter. It starts with events from the life of Jesus so children can understand the context of Easter.  The book ends with the resurrection and the good news that was declared on that First Easter day in the morning.

REF 2618 Authentic (RRP £4.99) ASLAN £4.49

My First Easter Activity Book

A fun-packed puzzle book! The story of Easter is introduced at the beginning of the book for children and parents to enjoy together. Then the Easter story is explored through fun activity pages so the child is able to engage with the story.

REF Authentic (RRP £3.99) ASLAN £3.75

All suggestions taken from Jan-Feb and  Mar-Apr Aslan Catalogue and the online catalogue.

Visit www.aslanchristianbooks.com or phone 01373 823451 or I can order for you.

Wishing you all a Blessed and Joyful Easter.

Lynn Winter